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CryoMed Therapy

  Within a 2-3 minutes long procedure in a crossing, the human body is

  rapidly exposed to extremely low temperature of about -130 *C. A skilled

  therapist is present to oversee and advise the customer through the

  treatment. After the treatment, the customer is ready and motivated

  too further activities, exercise or work. Unlike after other wellness treatments,

  the customer doesn't need to rest. Cryotherapy positively affects the

  psychological state and mood of the customer. A 10 course treatment will

  result ib a long term feeling of motivation and positive mood. Customers

  lacking energy, suffering chronic tiredness and overall negative mood will

  feel decrease in level of anxiety and irritation. Overall mood and zest for

  life are improved in the long term.

Benefits of Cryo

Boost Immune

Boost Metabolism

Increases Energy

Deceases Inflammation

Manages Pain

Body Fat

Weight Loss

Produce collagen reverse aging skin 



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