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Airbrush Tanning


Benefits of Airbrush Tanning


At Caesar’s Tan & Spa, a highly trained airbrush artist will personally spray you.  During the airbrushing process, an aloe-based spray is applied to your skin using an airbrush gun. The spray interacts with the amino acids in skin cells, producing an instant tan without any damage to your skin. In addition to being a safe alternative from sun-worshipping, our solution offers skin fiming and anti-aging benefits!

Our process is very unique because we offer a customized color that is ideal for your skin tone. An artist will mix the color after she observes your individual skin tone and has discussed your desired results.  You will leave our salon looking bronze and beautiful. Also, airbrushing will be your secret; our airbrush artists are trained to ensure that your hands and feet look natural. Our airbrush is NEVER streaky, striped, orange, or smelly.  And, our spray tans always fade naturally, just like a real suntan!


Prep and Care

To make your airbrush look better and last longer, make sure you:    

  • Shower, shave, and exfoliate before your appointment. We recommend a full body scrub 24 hours beforehand.
  • Avoid the use of oily exfoliates and moisturizing soaps and gels.
  • The day of your appointment, skin should be clean.
  • Remove all makeup.
  • Do NOT apply lotions or perfumes before your session.
  • Use deodorant very sparingly.
  • Waxing, pedicures, and facials should be done one day prior to your appointment.
  • During your session, you may wear (or not wear) what YOU are comfortable with. Our airbrush artists and have seen it all!
  • Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip flops.


      Maintaining Your Tan

      Your tan will last approximately 7 to 10 days. For best results, after your appointment:

      • Wait at least 8 hours before showering, swimming, or working out (sweating).

      • After showering, apply moisturizer. Hydrated skin retains the tan longer.

      • Pat, do not rub, your skin dry.

        • Moisturize daily to extend the life of your tan.

      About our Sunless Solution

      Our spray tan solution uses a breakthrough micro-nutrient technology that delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin's inherent glow while developing a rich, natural bronze. Formulated to work across a wide variety of skin tones, the solution works with the skin's natural pigment to create a customized shade for each client. To further customize your individual airbrush experience, our airbrush artists will adjust the solution for the best possible results.


      Double Dip Airbrush Tanning

      To extend the life of your airbrush tan further, Caesar's Tan offers a unique Double Dip Tan that combines a luxurious UVA tanning experience with a customized airbrush session. The 12-minute tanning session in our MEGA bed provides a superior tanning experience while also opening the pores. This allows our customized airbrush solution to adhere to your skin better, resulting in a longer lasting tan!


      Body Builders and Figure Models

      The owner of Caesar's Tan & Spa, Miss Barbara, takes personal responsibility for airbrushing all body builders and figure models. Over many years, Miss Barbara has mastered the art of airbrushing. You will be more than satisfied with the flawless results.



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